Keeping Your Leather in Tip-Top Shape


When purchasing a Chevrolet, you may be unfamiliar with maintaining the pristine condition of the leather seats in your new vehicle. It’s actually easier than you think when it comes down to cleaning and conditioning the leather in your sporty Volt or your spacious Suburban. Check out these tips on how to clean and care for the leather in your vehicle safely and correctly.


  1. Remove any personal belongings in the vehicle before you start cleaning.
  2. Remove all surface dirt and any lingering debris by using a vacuum.
  3. Spray down the seats using your choice of leather cleaner, like Leather Honey or Armor All Leather Care Gel. If you run out of cleaner, there is a tried-and-true DIY option. By mixing one part white vinegar and two parts linseed oil together in a spray bottle, you can create and safe and effective cleaner for your Buick.
  4. Use a flexible brush to clean out the hard-to-reach areas in the vehicle.
  5. With a microfiber cloth, wipe away remaining debris.
  6. Condition the leather in your Buick with a conditioning product, such as Lexol or Meguiar’s.


Many factors come into play when predicting how often the leather should be cleaned and conditioned. If the vehicle is exposed to the sun for long increments of time or regularly carries multiple passengers, cleaning and conditioning is recommended to be done every two months. If your Chevy is gently used, cleaning and conditioning is only considered necessary every six months.


If you’d like your leather cleaned and conditioned by a professional, the service teams at Parks Chevrolet in Charlotte, Kernersville, and Huntersville are always ready to make your vehicle’s seats look brand new again.


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