5 Ways To Keep Your Car Cool In The Squelching Summer Heat


Summers in the South are hot, and highs are regularly in the 90s. After just an hour and a half in the sun, the temperature of a car is, on average, 48 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. So, on a 95-degree day, your car will be 143 degrees. How can you prevent your car’s interior from being so sweltering? Take a look at these tips to keep your car cool and to prevent your air conditioning from working overtime when you do step inside your summertime vehicle.

  1. Consider a windshield shade. A reflective protector for your front windshield can keep your car nearly 40-degrees cooler, according to AutoAnything.com. Since central North Carolina has an extended summer season and hot temperatures most months of the year, you may want to invest in a custom windshield shade, crafted to fit your Impala, Volt, Equinox, or Colorado.
  2. Follow the Sun’s Position. If you do have a windshield shade, it’s best to park facing the sun so that the shade can reflect the majority of the rays. If you don’t have a shade, park with the sun at your car’s bumper to avoid the steering wheel and driver’s seat from becoming so hot. Moving your car throughout the day to avoid direct sunlight can also help to keep the interior cool.
  3. Opt for Shade. In any parking situation, it’s best to opt for a shady spot, even if you have to walk farther to reach your destination.
  4. Crack the Windows. A car sitting in the sun essentially becomes a greenhouse, trapping heat inside the small cab. Cracking windows can prevent heat from building up by allowing some hot air to escape.
  5. Upgrade to ventilated seats. Many cars and trucks, like the Silverado, come equipped with ventilated seats to keep drivers and passengers from sustaining burns on hot leather.

These simple steps can keep your car cooler and your daily commute much more comfortable. When you do hop into a hot vehicle, roll the windows down and turn on the lower AC vents (at your feet) to drive heat up and out of the car for a quick cool down. Or, opt for remote start and get the AC going before you even approach the vehicle.

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