5 Tips For Surviving Potholes


Springtime is here and summer is near. For many of you, it means spring break road trips and summertime adventures, but what does it mean for your vehicle? Cold weather leaves behind pothole-filled roads that can damage your vehicle and cost you money. Take a look at a few tips and tricks to help save you both time and money.


  1. Look Ahead and Slow Down – Pothole season can do damage, but being alert can help you avoid potholes. Look ahead and scan for potential potholes and avoid them when you can safely do so. If you cannot avoid them, slow down. Hitting a pothole at a higher speed increases the likelihood of damage to your vehicle.


  1. Know What to Look For – Potholes can cause more than just tire damage. Damage can also be done to tire rims, exhaust systems, alignment, and more. If you hear your car making noises, feel it pulling in one direction or think it’s operating irregularly, be sure to take it to a professional to be assessed.


  1. Watch Out for Water – Hiding beneath puddles can be even deeper potholes. After rain, it’s best to avoid puddles that pose a risk to more damaging potholes.


  1. Check your tire pressure – Properly inflating your tires can make a significant difference in avoiding damage caused by potholes. Maintaining the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure is key. If your tires are underinflated, a pothole can cause a rupture. Overinflated tires are also more susceptible to damage from a pothole.


  1. Be Prepared – Make sure there’s a car jack and a lug wrench in your vehicle and that the spare tire is inflated to its proper pressure in case you need to change a flat.



Stay safe and prepared all year round with Chevrolet.


Looking to get behind the wheel of your very own Chevrolet? We welcome you to visit us at  Parks Chevrolet in Charlotte, Kernersville, or Huntersville today.



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